The Man from Bijeljina

the 1998 cd


1. Jovano, Jovanke (Makedonian)
2. Kustino Oro (Gipsy)
3. Makedonsko Devoijce
4. Voda
5. Garsona
6. Dimitroula
7. Gori Sarajevo
(Politically incorrect)
8. Odessa Bulgar #2
9. Di Shapozhkelakh

The Man from Bijeljina project consists of many short stories, non entirely false nor true, about a young muslim Bosnian accordionist and his experiences. Initially it was just a way to present Sniper's repertoire in a context.
It's a journey, not entirely virtual, through Eastern Europe.
The CD contains some of the early Sniper songs performed in the 1997-98 "Popustour").

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The Band

Alessandra Andolfo - vocals
Franco De Lucca - drums
Carlo Emilio Esini - el. guitar, balalaijka and Makedonian tambura
Eros Santin - el. bass
Fabio Turchetto - keyboards
Admir Uzicanin - accordion

with a 12 pages booklet containing stories about the Man from Bijeljina, a Balkan hero (in Italian).

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